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Going to the office with style.

Going to the office with style.

Do today's managers have a particular dress code?

Generally, every morning we see them enter the company, with the classic suit in dark colors and not too showy, with a matching tie, sometimes even in the company colors.

How to give a touch of originality to your outfit?

Simple: let's learn to make the most of accessories.

The Magnetic Wallet proposal:

The best Card Holder solution for every style.

For those who want to be noticed in every small element of their clothing.

We are talking about high quality products, created to last over time and to be perfectly functional.

Particularly noteworthy is the M.W. wallet which offers luxury product, which is known for his impeccable finishes and extremely precise workmanship.

In particular, this wallet for men also proposes the carbon fiber original color, very particular and easy to combine with the rest of clothing.

From the ultra-thin and elegant shape, it becomes the indispensable accessory with an original and appealing look for a young and fashion-conscious entrepreneur.